Healthy Happy Mind


Health Happy Mind is for anyone interested in Mental health. This course by Mental Health University provides you with everything you need to obtain a healthy mind. Learn and apply the techniques necessary for optimal health and JOY.  Overcome the hurdles that rob you of your happiness. Mental Health University uses a wholistic approach to health.


In this course, student will learn the foundational concepts of mental health. They will learn practical applications to obtain optimal mental health. The course will address the following mental health principals:

  • Laws of health: Body, Mind, and Soul
  • Increase motivation & activity level
  • Positive thinking strategies
  • Structured problem solving skills
  • Intentional & meaningful association
  • Life changing experiments
  • Mind & body connection
  • Brain nutrition
  • Discovering your mission

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Healthy Happy Mind
Course Information
  • Course Id: MH.He101
  • Price: $89.99
  • Length: 10 HRS
Dr. Dana Philossaint

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In an effort to focus our ministry resources on other priorities, we will be suspending AudioVerse Courses on September 30. New enrollments are now closed, but currently enrolled students have until September 30 to complete their courses.