Food Grower’s Guidelines

Course Overview

This course will teach you how to develop a rich soil capable of providing the best nutritional value for your crops and for you, how to accomplish pest, disease and weed control without the use of chemicals, how to save your own seed, how to build a “soil bank” of nutrition that will not require inputs from off your property yet produce for many years, and much more. You will learn things that you do not know that you need to learn, with many practical principles that you will not find in any gardening book. This course contains the core material taught in the week long on-site farm training program at Berea Gardens. Over 10 hours of instruction along with downloadable study guides and printable lists of resources are included. The videos in this course have been produced professionally with in-class lecture material as well as in-field demonstrations of key techniques and practices.The scientifically proven concepts and practices explained in these videos are the essential keys to your success in growing food, whether you are an experienced market farmer or just planting your first garden. Everything taught in this series will work 100% of the time and is applicable anywhere on the globe. Gain the benefit of learning the most important lessons Bob has distilled from over 40 years of professional experience in large scale farm management and agronomic consulting to grow the most abundant and healthful food possible in ways that are safe for you, for your crops and for the environment.The material offered in this course covers the essentials, but there is much more to learn. For more thorough hands-on, on-farm intensive training, Berea Gardens offers live courses held at their property in Minnora, West Virgina throughout each growing season. For more information and to register, visit:Berea Gardens Agriculture Training Center. Move fast because space is limited!


  • Understand the foundation for biologically active soil
  • Make use of and interpret a soil analysis
  • Balance elements in the soil for optimum growth and your nutrition
  • Manage soil for long term productivity without outside inputs
  • Control pests, diseases and weeds without chemicals (Organic or Conventional)
  • Select the right varieties for your climate, area and needs
  • Seed saving and storage
  • Understand open-pollinated, hybrid and GMO seed differences
  • Extend your growing season and triple your productivity (turn 1 acre into 3)
  • Common sense practices to gain efficiency
  • Understand why buying “Organic” is not a panacea for health

Students are not graded on their performance in this course, so no certificate of completion will be earned upon the end this class.


  1. 1. Historical Overview (3 segments)
  2. 2. Soil (11 segments)
  3. 3. Problems in the Garden (10 segments)
  4. 4. Seeds (7 segments)

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Food Grower’s Guidelines
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  • Length: 10 HRS
Bob Gregory
Berea Gardens

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