Evangelism 101 (FREE)

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Come learn how personal evangelism fueled the explosive growth of the early church and how it can do the same again today.

In this introductory course students will learn about the importance of personal evangelism and how it fueled the phenomenal growth of the early Christian church. This course will reveal how personal evangelism as it was illustrated by the early Christian church can also empower the effective proclamation of the Gospel in God’s end-time church. Each student will be challenged by the philosophy of “every member” evangelism to get involved individually in God’s work.

Evangelism is a fundamental activity of the church. To neglect evangelism is to neglect the work God has commissioned His church to do. This course has been created to to educate lay members of the gospel commission and inspire them to action. This short introductory class has approximately 30 minutes of lecture with review questions corresponding to each section of the class. It is a helpful introduction to the topic that will be addressed in more detail in EM.Ev102 Personal Evangelism.

This course was also designed to introduce users to the AudioVerse Courses platform. Tutorials are interspersed within this course to assist the student in getting the most out of the experience, and will be helpful for all future courses.

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  • Students will gain a deeper understanding of the success of the early church
  • Students will be inspired to get more involved in personal evangelism
  • Students will understand how effective personal evangelism is the key to revitalizing the church today


  1. Introduction
  2. Not One Stone
  3. The Early Church, Part 1
  4. The Early Church, Part 2

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Evangelism 101 (FREE)
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  • Course Id: EM.Ev101
  • Price: Free
  • Length: .5 HRS
Mark Howard
Emmanuel Institute

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