Culture of Evangelism

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Ever wonder what it would take to set your church on fire with a passion to win lost souls for Jesus? Pastor Jim Howard shares practical and effective ways to do just that in your local church in this course, Culture of Evangelism: How to Develop a Training Center Church.

In this course, you will learn many things from the fuel that drives a culture of evangelism, how to set up functional structures in the church that empowers active lay-evangelism, and you will even discover specific steps and helpful resources to develop a comprehensive, master plan of evangelism for your congregation. You will leave this class with faith and confidence to inspire others with your passion for saving the lost.

This course consists of approximately 2.5 hours of video content, plus review questions and discussion forums to further enhance the learning experience. There is one final exam in order to complete this course. You may revisit videos as often as you like and can complete the test at your own pace. You will earn a certificate of completion upon successfully finishing the course requirements with a passing grade.

In order for students to gain the most out of this class, we strongly recommend taking the Emmanuel Institute EM.Ev102 – Personal Evangelism course prior to this one.

Get started today to set your church on fire with a culture of evangelism!


  • Students will discover the secret to the explosive evangelistic power of the Early Christian Church.
  • Students will understand how the message fuels the mission of the church.
  • Students will identify whether evangelism is truly a core value of the local church.
  • Students will learn how to turn a passive church into a training center church.
  • Students will be equipped to develop an evangelistic Bible Resource Center for their local church.
  • Students will learn how to craft a Sabbath worship service that is evangelistically effective.
  • Students will understand the role of the church board in creating a culture of evangelism.
  • Students will receive practical tools for creating departmental ministry plans.
  • Students will learn how to create a comprehensive master plan of evangelism.
  • Students will understand the pivotal role of systematic discipleship in evangelistic efforts.

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Culture of Evangelism
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  • Price: $24.99
  • Length: 2.5 HRS
Jim Howard
Emmanuel Institute

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